Where should my baby sleep? What are the options? What’s the safe way to go? 

Parenthood is full of controversies. A big controversy that parents face, choose, and debate(with themselves, their partners, and other parents). Is where your child sleeps, how long should they be in what sleeping arrangements, and whats safe.

This brings us to the general argument of Co-sleeping Vs lone sleeping.


  1. MORE SLEEP: Co-sleeping has shown to give a better nights sleep to both the parents and the infant. Less stirring of baby = less stirring of parents. Plus when you don’t have to get up to care for baby when they need it, you definitely get back to bed quicker.
  2. BONDING: Whether its more skin to skin time or just regular cuddling co-sleeping helps your parent-baby bond grow and strengthen.
  3. LESS STRESS: Less crying = less stress for parent and baby. Baby doesn’t cry as much when needs are met instantaneously.
  4. SAFETY: Some studies show that co-sleeping can reduce the risks of SIDS and other night time deaths; one reason being a parent is more able to notice and intervine being right next to baby, the other is the possible health benefits of sharing a bed seen in adults(more stable heart rate, rhythm, blood pressure, and even breathing). Co-sleeping may also keep baby from falling into too deep of a sleep. Not to mention that in case of an emergency( fire, or otherwise) baby is near by to be evacuated or taken to a safe location.


  1. FOOD AND WEIGHT GAIN: Over feeding(for breastfed babies who are fed through the night)
  2. INDEPENDENCE: A childs lack of nighttime independence as they grow.
  3. SLEEP: Some parents find their sleep to be worsened by the fear of rolling onto their child in the night.
  4. INTIMACY: baby in your bed can often infringe and even stop other things that adults like to have in there bed.
  5. SAFETY: Some statistics show a high number of infants who died of SIDS (under four months old) were bed sharing the night of their death. This could be increased by a soft/squishy mattress, blankets, pillows and other risks that adults use in there bed that are suggested against in cribs. Another concern is suffocation; whether that be the baby being rolled on by another family member, a bedding item accidentally being on top of baby, or baby falling off a side and being wedged some where.


  1. TRANSITION: when the time comes, you wont have to worry about a transition out of your room. If you have siblings who will be sharing, you wont have to have that transition either.
  2. PRIVACY: The parents room is the parents room. An escape, a private place, intimacy.


  1. Having a crib, cot, bassinet in your room. Baby has a separate bed removing co-sleeping cons and keeping a few of the pros.
  2. Side-car/co-sleeper: this keeps majority of the co-sleeping pros and removes some of the cons.

Whatever your sleeping decisions with baby, toddler, and child stay informed. Avoid bedding, bumpers, stuffies, and anything that can increase your childs risks no matter where you feel the safest place for baby is.

Good-life to you!