What do I want to do with my life?

I’m simply unsure of what I want to do.

Things I have considered:

  1.  Day care worker/preschool teacher- Im around kids all day, which I love. problems?  Im taking care of kids all day; too much of a good thing? Pay isn’t typically too great(or even decent). Feel like I’m not doing enough.
  2. Parent Educator- I love this idea, i simply cant find much info on it. What all it entails, what schooling is best(early childhood education, child development, family studies???).
  3. Parent-child class teacher- Also love this idea, Just not sure how stable of a job choice this is. How much I’d make. Lack of info on how to get there.
  4. Parent-infant/toddler swim coach- Young children, bonding with their parents, fun. However; pay, not much info, I don’t know anything about swimming.
  5. Toddler Gym Coach- Fun. Pay, lack of info.
  6. Nanny- refer to number 1
  7. Social Worker- I love this idea of being apart of CPS and helping whether it be removing a child from an unsafe home, returning the child to the birth family, or adoption. The problem is sooo much desk work.
  8. Midwife- Im fascinated by birth, and love the idea of helping woman through it.  my comfort level of touching another woman is the only con. Watching countless videos of birth(All home, hospital, birth center, natural, medicated, and C-section) will never relate to an actual birth in person while participating in the delivery.
  9. Lactation consultant- I really havn’t looked into this much.
  10.  Play Therapist- Helpful, with kids… A LOT of schooling… doesn’t seem to be a very secure professions plus a lack of info on it.

I’m really lost in what I want to do. I love kids(especially birth-preschool years). I spend all my free time reading, learning, and writing about topics relating to parenting and that age group. I’ve been thinking about working on getting a degree in either Early Childhood Education or Child Development(early child development as well). I really don’t want to set a path to either until I decide my career goals…. I certainly feel lost.

Any information, suggestions, thoughts will be greatly appreciated. This is more of a journal than a blog post though 😛

Good-life to you all.