*disclaimer this is my personal opinion. This is an extremely confrontational subject and while I do allow questioning, disagreement, opinions, and support I do not allow attacks. Feel free to disagree, share your thoughts, or discuss this further with me, however, any rude, insulting, or straight on attacks will be filtered out of the comment section.*

This is an on going arguement. Nearly every time I see a post/video on this subject from either side my opinion changes a little. I am not pro-life. I am also not pro-choice. I live in some weird grey area that seems to be only inhabited by one. In this debate that has just about sided everyone its near impossible to find someone not on a side. Well, here I am.

Its a fetus.
Its a baby.
It can’t survive outside of the womb.
It has a heartbeat.
It has no understanding of whats happening let alone its existance.
It can feel pain.
My body, choice.
Not your body, not your choice.

You have rights. Your rights are yours as long as they don’t impede on any one elses.

A womans rights are not worth more than a babies. A fetuses rights are not worth more than a womans.

So who wins here? I guess it could be easy to say “your not murding the woman by making her carry the baby.” well, you could be. Between complications of pregnancy and health reasons that can be the reason for the abortion in the first place you COULD be killing her.
I know what you pro-lifers are thinking “Its such a small amount of abortions that are for medical reasons, thats not a fair argument.” Well, sure it is a small number. Some statistics even say 7% (I count abortion as a medical reason), a tiny percent really. But, when your talking about illegalizing abortion are you JUST talking about the 93% or abortion as a whole? Chances are when you protest it, and debate it you aren’t just talking about that 93%. Even if you do, thats not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about abortion as whole. All 100%. So both sides can be murder.
A woman shouldn’t have to give up her bodily autonomy for a fetus. Why does a fetus get more rights to that womans body than she does? I mean that is whats happening here. Your saying that fetus can change and alter a womans body and lifestyle all it wants and she has no say in it. Her body becomes permanantly altered for the rights of a fetus. A child can be concived on birth control.

A fetuses rights are not worth more than a ladies. A fetuses life isn’t worth more than a womans. A woman shouldn’t be signicicantly altered, possibly murdered, for the life of a fetus.

A womans rights are not worth more than a babies. A womans life isn’t worth more than a fetus. A fetus shouldn’t be murdered for the health of a woman. A fetus shouldn’t be murderd for the body of a woman. A fetus shouldn’t be murdered for the convinence of a woman.

The fetus didn’t ask to be brought into this world. Fetus has human dna. Fetus has its own body. Sure, Fetus doesn’t have comprehension, but neither does a six day old infant. If you stab a pregnant woman in the stomach and she survives, but the fetus in her that she WANTED doesn’t, I believe thats murder. So whats the difference between that and abortion? Just because the fetus isn’t “wanted” doesn’t take away its rights. A woman shouldn’t be able to murder a fetus because she’s not ready or she’s scared.

I was raised to believe that sex was a comittment. A comittment to your partner and a comittment to the consiquences. When you have sex its like signing a contract that says “I accept the possibility of pregnancy and disease”. Is abortion part of the consequence(like parenthood or adoption) or is it avoidance? Its impeding on a fetus you createds life. Sometimes you don’t choose to have sex.

What if you removed the fetus? Intended premature birth. I mean really, If your pro-life argument is “its not your body” and your pro-choice argument is “Its my body” then isn’t seperating the two bodies a solution for all? The fetus gets medical help to increase its chance of survival no differant than any other human being(which is what we claim the fetus is ). The mother gets her bodily autonomy.

The question then is does that person still get to be the parent if the fetus survives? Clearly if they choose to endanger their infants life for convience they shouldnt be a parent. However, what if they want kids later on? Do they still have that right?

The fetus is given a chance to survive without the mother being forced into pregancy.

Are we willing to accept that that fetus is probably going ot die anyways being so premature. That at 22 weeks(which is After most abortions take place) 80% of babies born at 22 weeks die before they are even discharged from the NICU. OR the fact that over 25% of these infants if they DO survive will have disablilities? How many people in this world wil actually adopt these disabled babies ?

I mean in this case we ARE giving both their rights, but is it really worth it?

Plainly I don’t see a solution. I don’t feel abortion is right. I don’t feel forced pregnancy is right either. Even the middle ground has too many morally grey areas.

Anyone with some out of the box thoughts? Please share. Good-life to you all.