I support breastfeeding as a first choice. That being said I understand when it doesn’t work out. From lifestyles, to mitosis, to feeding strikes or adversion. I understand, breastfeeding doesn’t work for everyone. I believe it should be a first choice, not the only choice.

That being said there are some claims about BF that make me want to bang my head against a wall when I hear them.

“I don’t breast feed/You shouldn’t breastfeed because thats disrespectful to your partner/husband/boyfriend/baby-daddy.” — This one makes me angry on so many levels. I try to respect different lifestyles, opinions, and perspectives as much as I can, but this one kills me. First off, your partner doesn’t own your breasts. He/she doesn’t. You do. Lets be real here. They’re a part of you. You own them. Your husband does not own you. It’s 2016. If you really want to argue that someone other than you owns your breast then at most I might accept that your baby does(which I honestly don’t agree with either), I mean after all they’re MADE for your babies, right? So how exactly is feeding your child disrespectful to your partner? I guess if you see breastfeeding as something sexual (which would be a problem in itself) then maybe I can understand it being “disrespectful” to your partner. I just don’t get it… I especially don’t get it when you tell other people not to do this for this reason. Please don’t.

“If they can walk/talk they shouldn’t be on the breast.” — Just, why? That’s it. Why?
How does walking or talking have any effect on the nurtitional value of breastfeeding? I knew someone whos 8 month old, I’ll say it again EIGHT MONTH OLD could walk. All on his own, no help what so ever. Are you telling me that because he can walk he shouldn’t be breastfeeding, but an eight month old who can’t walk yet can still breastfeed? How does that make any sense? How does walking effect breastfeeding? What do you mean if they can ask for the breast they shouldnt be on it? Do you mean a child who can say “baba” shouldnt be on a bottle? Or is it just the boob thats not okay. If thats the case how does the breast all of a sudden become not okay when a child can say “milk” (which can be around one)? Their walking or talking does not effect the benefits of breast milk. (if its a personal fear of teeth thats a little different, but again that should be a personal thing not something you push onto others.)

“It’s really just for you at this point.”— If you say this to someone I will personally walk up to you and slap you across the face. Okay, so I probably won’t slap you, but I will go on a very long rant. Breastfeeding is not easy. Even though a lot of mothers do love it(the bonding, their baby being a little one), there are so many reasons to hate it. Majority of mothers are both happy and sad when BF ends, but I can promise you there is very few(if any) who would purposfully extend breastfeeding for themselves. Unless you actually know the facts on breastfeeding (like the fact that the world health organization recommends it until two or that its nutritional value never just stops and studies show that it actually changes with the child even after infancy. ) then do NOT say this to a mother. If you knew the facts, you probably would know that its a stupid thing to say.

“You just like having your nipples sucked” — If you say this, you better back away from me very fast because I might actually slap you for this one. How dare you turn breastfeeding into something sexual. You basically just implied that that woman is sexually abusing her child by FEEDING THEM. Now don’t get me wrong, I know there are some horrible parents out there. You can even find some BF videos on youtube that claim to be “educational” but clearly have a different motive. Those cases are not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about when a parent admits they breastfeed a toddler or preschooler and someone makes that claim. I’m talking about parents who do extended breastfeeding for all the right reasons(which is the majority of them) and get sexualized. This is the absolute worst thing you can say.

“I don’t breastfeed because I don’t want my kids seeing my boobs.” — I’m kind of stuck on this one. I mean on one hand, personal choice. But on the other, why? How is it going to hurt them to see your breasts? It is not a sexual act. They are not sex organs. That being said your infant DID come out of your vagina… I just don’t get this one.

“I didn’t want to change my diet” — Unless your child has allergies, you really don’t have to change your diet.

“After *insert certain # of months* the breast milk turns to water and is bad for your child” — no… just no. Thats not a thing. That doesn’t happen. Just no.

Feel free to add to the list if you’d like. Good-life to you all.