This is for the mothers who carried their baby for a short time in their stomachs.
This is for the parents who had to say good-bye before they got to formally say hello.
This is for the parents who got to feel the kicks and wiggles, but never got to see the smiles and giggles.
This is for the parents who got to hold their baby for just a moment or two before that beautiful heartbeat you feel in love with faded away.
This is for the parents with no one to hold.
This is for that dads who only got to hold their baby in moments of good-bye.
This is for the parents who never got to hold their baby.

This is to awknowledge your pain and your loss, but more than that, to awknowledge you as parents.

Your child may not work this earth but you are moms and dads. Please, share your pictures, your stories, you memories(no matter how small). Brag about your beautiful baby(no matter how short their lives were). Share your ultrasound pictures every year. When your asked if you have kids say YES. I know it hurts, actually scratch that, I cant even imagine, but you don’t have to hide your bond. Its there. Share it with the world.

oh and p.s. heres to the parents who love their angel babies just as much as their rainbow babies. Loving another child doesn’t take away your love for your other kids. You can be happy with your children and still miss the ones you lost.

October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month- so heres to you and your babies. Good-life to you all.